FDCMG, Inc. Annual Fund Drive

Dear Friends of Clark Botanic Garden:

I hope that this letter finds you well and adapting to our new normal. Hopefully, you have not experienced any serious setbacks and are navigating the new terrain in which we now live. When we were in quarantine, there was the obvious safety and security we felt in our homes with our loved ones around us. I hope during that time, that you also came to feel the solace and comfort of the outdoors, specifically the garden. And also, I hope that you have been able to visit Clark Botanic Garden since we reopened to the public in early May.

While the gates were locked, work still progressed, albeit more slowly as staff was reduced by half. If you stopped by in early spring, you could see the many tulips outside the entrance gate to the parking lot and could also glimpse the display up the annual walkway. Right now that walkway is lush with colorful annuals and tropical foliage plants. I have noticed many more people on any given day, and I am sure that they also come to enjoy the quiet and safe beauty of the garden. I have been fortunate to have been able to have more time to work in the garden. Going in to volunteer gave me a sense of purpose and anticipation, something lacking without much else to do safely.

If we remember back to last year at this time, we were looking forward to the Fiftieth Anniversary Gala and the dedication of the new Moonlight Garden. Unfortunately, since then, we have been unable to host any fundraising events, having been forced to cancel the spring Plant Sale, the Bick Tea, the card party, the fall Sip N’ Stroll, all educational school group visits, adult educational talks and trips. We have even decided to keep the Shop closed. Visitors on Tuesdays and Sundays are still able to purchase honey from the Clark bees, outside the Shop, as long as we have a supply.

Looking ahead, it is difficult to imagine what we will be able to do next year, and so, like every other not-for-profit that depends on donors’ generosity, we are asking you to help us with your donation. Your support and generosity in the past have been much appreciated, and whatever you choose to give this year will help us as we face our financial challenges. We are so grateful for your previous generosity, and thank you for your faithful and dedicated interest in Clark Botanic Garden.


Roellyn Armstrong
Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Inc.

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