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Children's Classroom Experiences - Available for School Groups Only

A new educational program is now available at The Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden,Inc.

at Clark Botanic Garden!

  • Classes are offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • April through June.

  • Children in grades K – 3 will enjoy a 2-part program. 

Students will be divided into groups.  

Group one will remain inside for a teacher-led mini lesson which includes a take home project.  The second group of students will be led outside for a tour of the gardens.  All students will bring a bagged lunch.

Kids teacher garden.jpeg
Kids teacher garden.jpeg

What is a garden?

Course Description - 

A garden is a planned space, outdoors, set aside for display, and enjoyment of plants and nature.  A garden is a place for peace and enjoyment.  It can combine both natural and artificial material. 

How many different types of gardens can you think of?

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